Spotlight App – 1/1/2016

Happy New Year!  If any of you are looking to start the new year with more tech in the classroom, check back here frequently for the Spotlight App (formerly App of the Week).

For the first Spotlight App of 2016, I am going to start with Spelling City.  You might be familiar with the Spelling City website.  The site allows you to create a free account with spelling lists that are customizable, or you can search and use already created lists.

To use the site, you must first create an account on the Spelling City website.  From there you can create and edit lists and change various settings.  The interface between the website and the app are very good and I have never had any trouble with my lists syncing.

This app is on my recommended lists for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, it makes studying spelling words more meaningful than the memorize and regurgitate method that reading off of a list does.  The app has “games” which will help students with spelling, but also definition and meaning of words.  I also like the ease of use.  Definitions are in the site, even for words with multiple meanings.  It’s super easy to input lists and start using this app right away!


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