I only have one iPad! – Classroom lessons for the non 1:1 room

Many teachers think that they can’t successfully teach with only an iPad for the teacher.  I’m here to tell you that this is not true!  There are many things that you can do to increase both engagement and rigor in a classroom when only the teacher has an iPad.

First, take a look at a software called Reflector.  Reflector allows your iPad to wirelessly mirror to your computer screen.  The beautiful thing is that you can have your computer plugged in to a projector, your iPad mirroring to your computer, and not be tethered to the projector.  Apple TV will also do this, but the price comparison is vast.  With Apple TV at $99 and Reflector at $12.99, it was a no contest decision for me.   You can follow this link to get more information and download the software.

Reflector by Air Squirrels

The software works by using the airplay button on your iPad.

Next, get white boards for your students if you don’t already have them.  By using Reflector and projecting an app from your iPad, your students can be working on white boards with the app you have on the iPad.  White boards can be found from several different sources online if your school doesn’t already have them.  I like the kind that looks like a rectangular paddle.  One side is blank and one side has lines.

In the following days I will post some specific apps that work well with classroom white boards and how to use them in a group setting.


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